Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A New Game, A New Vintage

When I was pulling out and lining up some of the Orofino wines that I thought we might open during this playoff series, I don't imagine that I expected to open the two vintages of Merlot Cabernet right after each other, but such is the case. Game 1 was the 2005 and, here, Game 2 is the 2006.

435. 2006 Orofino Merlot Cabernet (Similkameen Valley)

Same wine. Different vintage. Same brilliant start to this game as in the first. Our boys were up 2-0 early on - the lead just didn't seem to hold up as long as the wine did.

There's not a lot that I'll add here to my post of two nights ago. It might have been a bit more interesting from a tasting standpoint to open the two vintages at the same time and try them side by side, but that begs a little more forethought and effort on my part (not to mention the self restraint needed not to finish off both bottles immediately) and, let's face it, right now, the hockey's almost as much in the forefront as the wines are.

The only big difference that I remember about this evening and the 2006 is that this wine went down a lot better than the game did. The other night saw both wine and game finish on a really tasty note, but, here, the Blackhawks came back to stomp the Canucks 5-2. The wine may have been just as nice as the 2005, but the game wasn't nearly as vintage.

I'm good with a split of the games in Chicago though. Bring the team home to Vancouver. I've got another couple of bottles ready.

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