Sunday, April 18, 2010

Post-Game Libation

As mentioned in the previous post, we were being feted last night by our Dinner Club and the Tyrant's reincarnation of Julia Child and, as such, we had to miss drinking our bottle of this round's La Frenz during the Canucks game. It's great that the dinner was as good as it was since our guys lost to the Kings in overtime. A bottle of La Frenz might not have been enough to smooth out the disappointment.

425. 2006 La Frenz Merlot (Naramata Bench - Okanagan Valley)

To drown those post-game sorrows, Boo and I had our La Frenz as a post-game libation - the next day however.

The 2006 vintage wasn't the multi-award winner that Jeff Martin's Merlot has been in the past, but it still packs a punch though. Indeed, holding back punches is not something that Martin is known for - in his wines or in his comments about the wine industry in general and in BC.

You'll note that none of his wines have a VQA designation - not that there's a person that would try to deny that the wines would attain the designation without question. Martin just doesn't see the VQA symbol as necessary - particularly when he doesn't seem to have any problem selling out year after year.

The wine certainly wasn't as disappointing as an overtime loss in the playoffs. The nose on this Merlot was bright and inviting (like an early Canucks lead) but the flavours on the palate just didn't seem to match the vibrancy of the nose.

Won't stop me from going back for game 3 or for more La Frenz though.

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