Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boo Surprise

A well-used phrase around our home is "Boo Surprise." It's basically used whenever the S.O. is cooking up whatever he finds in the fridge or freezer. It involves seeing what's been hanging around for awhile and deciding if there's even the slightest possibility that it might taste good together.

It's a definite case of, "You win some. You lose some."

Tonight is a case in point.

212. 2007 Bardosa Tempranillo/Garnacha (Carinena D.O. - Spain)

This is a bit of an interesting "Google." The one site that I found with a reference was Vancouver's "Wine Diva" and she loved it - saying it could become her summer wine for 2009. However, it's apparently made by Bodegas Lomablanca and their website doesn't refer to it amongst their wines.

In any event, the bottle shares a fair bit of information. This is a Tempranillo/Garnache (Grenache) blend and it's a Joven or "young" Spanish wine. Joven is a term in the Spanish wine industry that indicates that the wines is from a recognize appellation but has seen little or no oak treatment and is being sold as a fresh, fruity wine.

Wine Diva also pointed out that the wine's lightweight bottle (which I'll attest to) is appealing from the standpoint of a smaller carbon footprint.

I suppose that not knowing much about the wine only lends itself to being that much more appropriate for an evening of Boo Surprise. Not that wine matching will ever be a fine science when one is served blue cheese ravioli and egg rolls. At approximately $15, we can take a chance. Don't look to me for tasting notes on these nights though.

A "Boo Surprise" still (usually) beats coming home and having to cook up dinner after a long days' work.

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