Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sail Away

The underlying reason for our adventure in Antigua may have been to join Jeaux and Matinder for a Dinner Club Road Trip extravaganza but there was a definite added bonus in that the underlying reason for their being here is that they sail as often as they can. And to our joy and delight, they arranged a day out on the water for us. The whole gang tried out their sea legs as we got to experience Matinder and Jeaux's passion for the water.

Although there was talk of making me try to catch a ride on the Old Bob - one of the first boats we sailed past - we continued with our plan to set out down the coast and lay anchor at one of the resort beaches, all the while taking in the endless blue and beauty of the moment. And, boy, did we accomplish that. I think it's safe to say that the six of us (besides Jeaux and Matinder) were the epitome of landlubbers - not knowing whether to scream in fear or pure joy as the boat took numerous leans abeam to port or starboard. Admittedly, there were a couple times where one or two us would have been overboard had it not been for ropes and wires to hang onto. Fun? You bet.

Once we'd reached our destination bay, we made our way to shore and the beach. We'd been keeping our eyes open for some celebrity house action - after all, Oprah, Giorgio Armani and Eric Clapton have homes on the island - but we neither saw any shenanigans nor garnered any invites. Luckily, there was a beachside restaurant and bar where we were able to grab some rum punch.

Boo, Matinder and I then took a short hike up the side of the bay to take a peak at the old fort that use to guard the bay - and take in the incredible panorama (the pic at the bottom of the post is just one side) from on high. The rest of the gang was more interested in making their way back to the boat and starting to snack.

Our return to the boat and eventual snacking called for some wine. Knowing that I'd need to include a post about our sailing trip, I was sure to bring a bottle along. It obviously had nothing to do with the fact that having a drink while cruising the Caribbean seems like a normal thing to do. No. For me, it's always "think about the blog first." Ahem.

1555.  Montagnac - M (Picpoul de Pinet AOC - Languedoc - France)

I'd seen this bottle in the local market and figured it'd be a great pour while at sea. After all, the wine hails from the coast of the Mediterranean and it's recommended that Picpoul de Pinet be served with seafood or grilled fish. We might not have be eating it with dinner but I suppose you couldn't have been much closer to the sea. I hadn't been aware that the "grape" has its own appellation or AOC designation in the Languedoc region. The appellation isn't the only region where the grape is grown but it is a primary one - along with the near-by Rhône.

I also love that the name "piquepoul" apparently means "lip-stinger" and it stems from the high acidity of the grapes.

There was nothing stinging about this sip as we leisurely sailed our way back to Jolly Harbour though. The wine hit the mark and helped make this definitely day to remember.

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