Friday, March 14, 2014

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

♬  ♪♫  It's just a jump to left and then a step to the right.... ♬  ♪♫

I don't know whether this revisiting of past "mea culpa" posts should channel Frank-n-Furter or Dr. Who but I'm definitely going to have to do the Time Warp or do a little time travel and jump over a whole lot of bottles as I try to catch up. Currently, my last published post is talking New Year's Day and we're decidedly past that now. So, once again, I am - quite fairly - catching grief for the lack of currency in my writing.

Not that it was a new year's resolution or anything but I think I have to be realistic and embrace the fact that I'm not going to be catching up on my posts any time soon.

As such, I shall tuck away all those bottles that we've enjoyed over the last so many months and jump ahead to more current sips. That's going to leave approximately 45 bottles unchronicled for the time being. You may rest assured, however, that they've been carefully stored for posterity on the Tardis (or my equivalent thereof) and that future posting is still the goal. After all, there's not to be any cheating on this 2001 Bottles Odyssey. Hopefully, I'll just fill in more and more of the "gaps" as time progresses - because there truly were some interesting wines that are to be added to The List.

I suppose that - even at this late date - filling those gaps and catching up on the blog should be my real resolution for the "new year." I realize the time for new year's resolution is long past and that most resolutions have been long discarded by now but at least it sounds good that I want to make the effort. The proof will be in the writing.

In the meantime?

♬  ♪♫ ... with your hands on your hips, you bring your knees in tight... ♬  ♪♫

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