Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Step on the Golden Mile

I tell ya, I'm liking this round of the playoffs. The 'Nucks are now up three games to none on the Blues and we get four more chances to win one game.

I wore the jersey around town yesterday and it was really quite amazing how much good will it generated. The smiles and friendly comments were continuous.

I think the happenstance that brought home just how poignant the city's love affair with the team is was when I was coming out of a store on Commercial Drive and a young man (young to me anyways - he was likely in his mid-20's) gave a big thumb's up. He was noticeably disabled but he was sporting his own Canucks jersey and his walker was decked out in Canucks' paraphernalia and flags. It was visibly difficult for him to speak but he dearly wanted to say how much he liked my jersey and that we were both on the same page. We parted with fingers crossed for the games in St. Louis. I'm completely positive that he's one happy fan tonight.

Tonight's wine was another step along the Golden Mile or, rather, Road 13 as it is now known.

#22. 2007 Road 13 Honest John's White (Okanagan - Golden Mile)

This is the winery's entry level white blend - being largely ehrenfelser and sauvignon blanc (with a "hint of viognier" as the winery puts it). Ehrenfelser is neither that common, nor well-known, of a grape in the Okanagan; however, it is being noticed in a few prominent winery portfolios - such as Cedar Creek and Joie - either in blend or as a straight varietal.

The winemaker, Michael Bartier, says that "this is the Okanagan in a glass." He'd know better than I, but I do like the reined in acidity with plenty of tree fruit.

I'm not sure how many more bottles of Golden Mile/Road 13 we'll see in this series, but I'd say we're off to a great start on all fronts - hockey and wine.

BTW - today's Sun Run 10k went pretty well. I didn't notice last night's wine tasting in the least. I ran a personal worst, but it was still under an hour. I'm going to blame the time on my lost training due to a broken rib in February - not the fact that I was forced to work my way through so many wines last night.

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