Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bracingly Rosé

1257. 2011 La Frenz Rosé (Naramata Bench - Okanagan Valley)

After a good stint with Mr. Google - to little or no avail I might add - I was just about to give up on trying to find out any information about this Rosé from Jeff Martin and La Frenz winery. Then, I magically found a whopping single sentence from one of John Schreiner's posts. I pretty much take anything that John says as gospel; so, I'm going to run with it and just make this a bit of quickie post.

John's informative sentence? "This wine was made by bleeding some juice (a traditional method) from various lots of Merlot, Pinot Noir and Shiraz. The wine's colour alone sets you up for a delicious taste experience, on the palate, there are flavours of rhubarb, cranberry and strawberry. 90." I was more interested in the blend of grapes that went into the wine and the method of making it than I was with the tasting note, but I figured it wouldn't cost anything to throw that in as well.

This wasn't the biggest BC Rosé wine that you'll find out there but that might relate more to the fact that, overall, 2011 was a tough vintage in BC. As such, the fruit might not have been quite as ripe as the La Frenz Rosé might normally see. It might partly explain the wine's bracing acidity though - and that just really lends nicely to matching the wine with food.

I've happily knocked back many a La Frenz wine and written about the winery on almost as many occasions here; so, I'll just say that Jeff and Niva can simply mark another notch on their collective wine belt with this bottle. And on that happy note, I'm going to mosey on to the next post.


  1. I thought most rose' do better in warmer temperatures. can you drink year round?

  2. Thanks for asking. Like you, I think most people immediately think of sunny patios when they think rosé. Admittedly, I probably drink more in the summer but I find there's no reason not to drink it year round. I drink white wine in the winter; so, why not rosé? I think it really comes down more to what you're drinking it with and I like rosés with meatier fish and roast chicken and panini. I just don't drink enough of it.