Sunday, April 26, 2015

Knocked Out By A Bunch of Flamers

As our Aussie buddy, Merlot Boy, was quick to point out, "the Canucks got knocked out by a bunch of Flamers."

2006 Burrowing Owl Syrah (Okanagan Valley VQA)

No wine in the glass. No number for The List. No more Canucks hockey this year. It was just that kind of a game.

The shot for the blog was actually taken the morning after - seeing as how the morning paper's headline had already announcing the demise of the Canucks' season - hence no wine in the glass. You may rest assured, however, that we finished off the bottle. Just like the Flames finished off the Canucks with a 7-4 score in the game and a 4-2 series win in the best-of-7 playoff round.

The bottle doesn't get a number on The List simply because I couldn't have been paying much attention as I grabbed the bottle because we just drank the '06 Burrowing Owl Syrah last week and added it to The List at #1899. There actually is a bit of a story but I suppose it all comes back to small print on the labels and the fact that I'm getting older and the eyes don't do so well with that small print. I thought I'd grabbed the '05 when we started off the series. Silly me.

I think that, come this Fall, we're going to be hearing much the same story about the Canucks - that they're just getting too old and that they can't be as competitive as they were four and five years ago. At least, this Syrah still had some legs to it. My Delectable note said "Brilliant, fruit-filled nose upon opening (but sadly, it diminished over time). Still exhibited nice body and integrated structure (more than the Canucks did while I was watching the game). "

Obviously, we were all hoping that the Canucks would take the series and have a nice long run into the playoffs. I was already lining the BC Rieslings for the second round.

Heavy sigh.

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