Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Signature A Tad Past Its Prime

1895.  2011 Blue Mountain Pinot Blanc (Okanagan Valley)

Barbara Phillip, Western Canada's first Master of Wine and the country's first female MW, may sing the praises of Pinot Blanc as a potential grape variety for the Okanagan Valley to champion and take to a world level. I, on the whole however, generally liken Pinot Blanc to Pinot Bland - definitely more so than seeing it as being the varietal wine that's going to put BC on the world wine map.

That being said, Blue Mountain has been producing its Pinot Blanc for many a vintage and its version is bound to be one of the Pinot Blancs that has Barb singing the variety's praises. Unfortunately, I think we might have held onto this bottle a little too long though. I obviously thought it was tasty enough to buy a bottle while visiting the winery but both Boo and I found tonight's glasses to be a bit past their prime. There was no real fruit to speak of on either the nose or the palate and, for me, that seems to be a necessity if Pinot Blanc were ever to be a signature BC varietal wine.


Didn't stop us from finishing the bottle though. Funny that.

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