Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Here's to Rosé All Year Round

Rosé in January?

Rosé wines can be a tough enough sell. Red. White. Bubbly. Fortified even. But Rosé? I find someone might bring a bottle to a gathering but it's usually just in the summer when it's hot and steamy. After all, don't you only drink Rosé when you want something a little chilled? And then, there's that whole "what man wants to be caught drinking pink wine" thing. 

Personally, I think Rosés get a bad rap. We're not talking White Zinfandel here though. 

For the most part, I'm a red wine kind of guy but there are certain dishes that just call for something bigger than most whites, yet they're not quite bold enough for the bigger reds. Hello Rosé. 

Case in point, Boo roasted up a chicken with some hearty seasoning. We could have gone with a whole whack of whites or even a lighter red, but we happened to have a bottle of Rosato within reach and Lastellina's "blushing innocence" (to paraphrase the label) was a fine fit.

1842.  2012 La Stella Lastellina Rosato (VQA Okanagan Valley)

Made from primarily Merlot, with about 10% each of Pinot Noir and Cab Franc added in, La Stella's Rosé had that extra body that helped pair with the chicken. There was also bit of residual sugar, however, that cut through Boo's trademark aggressive spicing.

I often think that it's a fear of sweetness that keeps folks away from Rosés but, with this wine, the off-dry notes were countered with a nice acidity - which is probably a big difference from your mother's Rosé.

Don't be afraid.

And what's an outright bonus is that I find most Rosé wines are sold at lower values than a winery's equivalent reds. Who doesn't like to save a buck or two?

With a Rosé being one of our first wines of the new year, I'm not saying that I've resolved to drink substantially more Rosé through the year. After all, I drink a healthy share of pink wine as it stands. But, I will endeavour to always have a bottle or two on hand to fit the occasion. After all, isn't that the idea of having a "cellar" in the first place?

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