Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chile Sauv Blanc

1417.  2012 Aresti Sauvignon Blanc (D.O. Central Valley - Chile)

Three generations of the Aresti family have now been involved with winemaking in Chile. The patriarch of the family started growing grapes back in 1951although the grapes were largely sold to other producers. The 1990's saw a rededication of family efforts to the production of its own wines and to a fully modernized and state of the art technology such that their cellar now has the capacity to produce more than 11 million litres of wine annually.

Noted for its accessible price (under $15 in the Vancouver market) and its "classic Chilean" notes for Sauv Blanc, this was a good little mid-week wine. This was the wine I'd used in making the mussel and saffron soup the other night and, since virtually the entire bottle went into the soup, we thought it passed the test enough to buy another bottle for sipping.

This is a new winery for me, but I see that a different Sauv Blanc from Aresti (the Trisquel line) - and presumably a more expensive bottle - was voted the Best White Wine from Chile in the 2012 Santiago Wine Awards.

I may just have to make note of Aresti for future reference - and sipping.

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