Monday, September 16, 2013

2013 BCWAS Bus Tour - Day 2

Day 2 of the Annual BCWAS Bus Tour was gearing up to be another full day. So, being the excellent wine tourists that we are, we prepped ourselves early by popping the corks on another couple Breakfast Bubbles. I guess, however, that I was so caught up in getting ready for the day that I didn't take any shots of the individual bottles. Luckily, I did take a group shot of all the bottles we polished off in our room over the weekend. At least, that way, there is some visual record of the two bottles - one of which I'm adding to The List (the second bottle being Non-Vintage and having already been added).

1424.  2012 8th Generation Integrity Frizzante (Okanagan Valley)

N.V. See Ya Later Ranch - SYL Brut (VQA Okanagan Valley)

Unlike yesterday's start, there was no sabering of these bottles. The Integrity featured a bottle cap enclosure and no one had heard of sabering that type of bottle before. As for the SYL Brut, we had a volunteer all lined up but - surprise, surprise - the cork just flew out on its own volition as soon as the wire enclosure was removed.

There was an interesting contrast between the two bubblies. The SYL was a traditional method sparkling wine while the Integrity is made as a lighter, crisper wine - closer to a Prosecco than to a Champagne - and, as such, doesn't see any second fermentation but needs specialized equipment for bottling the wine under pressure. 8th Generation was on the day's itinerary but, unfortunately, we wouldn't get to see the almost vintage equipment that was brought back from Germany just for this bottling process.

Once again, despite my painstakingly (yet lovingly) made OJ, none of it was added to either of the sparkling treats. There were no nay-sayers amongst this crowd when it came to BC bubbles.

Rather than recount the day's events, winery by winery, I decided to simply show some pictures from the road and add in a baker's dozen or so of the more interesting comments made during the course of the weekend. For the record, however, our focus for the day was the Bottleneck Drive region and we made stops at Sumac Ridge, 8th Generation, Okanagan Crush Pad (where we also enjoyed a grazing lunch with Joy Road Caterers) and a little tasting, serenading and dance interlude at Sonoran Winery.

As for the wino's who made these comments, I'm leaving their identities hidden to protect the not-so-innocent. I will also admit to leaving out some of the even racier editorials. These bons mots, however, should give you a bit of an impression of the shenanigans that ensued on the Bus Tour.

1. "Just watch what you say around T. He's always looking for material for the front of the bus."

2. "And when exactly was the last time you saw a droopy old granny boob?"

3. "Bottoms up. Pants down."

4. "I'm gonna Tweet your cheat."

5. "First time I've been splashed like that in a long time."

6. "I'd rather be a rich, boorish f*cker who's intolerable than just a boorish f*cker who's intolerable."

7. Q. "P. could you please top me?"
    A. "I'd rather not." (In relation to filling up a wine glass of course.)

8. "I hear that heritage tomatoes are good for the prostate." "Just how would one insert a tomato though? The thought of a tomato enema isn't all that appetizing." "Come on down to the back of the bus and we'll show you."

9. "Don't believe what any winemakers tell you about the 2011 vintage. They'll tell you...___________ and_____________... but_________________... It was shit."

10. "I'm always just looking for an opportunity to drop my pants."

11. "You mean like how Chef punished pescatarians: serving tuna tartare with Pinot Noir?"

12. "What happens on the BCWAS Bus Tour stays on the BCWAS Bus Tour."

13. "Don't forget our BCWAS motto: 'We're not happy until you're not happy.'"

Bonus - simply because, for me, this gave me the biggest laugh all weekend. When talking about our participation in Red Rooster's Adopt-A-Row program, Mr. Technicolour announces to all, "the big difference between Bob & Charles' row and all the others is that their Malbec is much fruitier."


Once the bus dropped us off at our digs, it was time for another dinner at the resort's Local Lounge and Grill - with the evening's dinner featuring wines from McWatters Collection and Time Estate. Once again, there was no shortage of either wine or food and we all bid adieu to the gang at large for another Bus Tour and waddled back to our room, trying to figure out just how we were going to get all the wine we'd purchased home with us come the morning.

As if the weekend hadn't been enough for most of us, our "benevolent dictators" - Glum and Sparkle - announced that planning was already under way for the 2014 Bus Tour and that the BCWAS gang would be heading a little further North, up to wineries in the Kelowna area.

Be there or be boring.

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