Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WBC12 - Winding Down

It's true.  I had wanted to attend 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference as a learning experience so that I could get a feel for what might be on the horizon at the 2013 conference - particularly since it's going to be held on my home turf:  the Okanagan Valley.  Little did I realize that it was going to be such a trial for me on the equipment side of things.  Not only did I forget to take either camera on our one winery tour but it would seem that about half the photos I did take on the "number one" camera seem to have disappeared into digital oblivion.  Not sure how or where they vanished to but that's why I'm 1) stuck with no shot (presently) of one of my favourite wines from the weekend and 2) using an iPhone shot of the other bottle at a completely different occasion from when we actually drank a bottle.

Good thing this is only a hobby and not my real job.

1226.  2010 Cowhorn Grenache 58 (Applegate Valley - Oregon)

1227.  N.V. Muscat de Saint Jean de Minervois - Les Petits Grains (AOC Muscats de Saint Jean de Minervois)

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