Monday, August 15, 2011

Fillmore Family Reunion

Every year, one of the highlights on the Gay Vancouver social calendar is the Prairie Fairy Fowl Supper. If Boo and I are in town, we're there - one way or another we do what we need to get some of the hottest tickets in town. Well, for the first time ever, the folks behind the hallowed Fowl Supper hosted a summer event. The Fillmore Family Reunion was a long time coming, but it arrived with a bang and over 600 folks headed out the to UBC Farm for entertainment, BBQ, a slew of naughty picnic games (I've never seen a ring toss game the one there) and plenty o' libations in the sun.

Now this isn't exactly what you'd think of when it comes to visualizing a classic wine tasting event - particularly when the nearest barkeep is slinging beer shirtless. When you have to walk half a field to get to the one bar serving wine - and find that the view isn't nearly as nice - it's easy to revert back to my old UBC beer-swilling days.

I wasn't about to let an opportunity like the Family Reunion go by without blogging at least one bottle though. They weren't about to let us take a full bottle back into the throngs but we made an arrangement to satisfy the rules to get a bottle onto The List - especially when there are only my rules to deal with anyhow.

896. 2010 Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc (W.O. Western Cape - South Africa)

This being primarily a brew-centric situation, there were only two wines on offer - a white and a red. Being a sunny afternoon, I went for the white. It's (relatively) cheap at $10.50 in the provincial liquor store and it's cheerful enough for a farmyard frolic. I don't know a whole lot about Sauvignon Blanc in South Africa - or even South African wine in general to be honest - to expound on the wine for any length. I wouldn't say that the winery website is encyclopedic with its information either though. Cheap and cheerful - let's leave it at that.

Especially when the wine was hardly an integral aspect of the Family Reunion.

Linda Fillmore, however, is pretty darn close to being the essence of "integral" when it comes to any Fillmore experience. You don't need me to go on here, but you can always check out the website to read about Linda's colourful past - and the good work that she and her friends do. Of course, part of the burden she has to bear is playing MC to the event and coming up with interesting props to catch and keep people's interest. I can't even remember how these gents were involved but Linda had our attention when she needed it.

Having had to put up with and be seen with young'uns like that on stage, it's no wonder that she came running straight to Mr. D, Boo and I after the announcements. There's only so much that an old ticker can take up close you know - not to suggest that either Linda or we are getting long in the tooth. It's just that there's twenty - and then there's our age. It's somewhat like taking two of them, mixing them together and getting almost one of us.

It's enough to drive you to drink.

The Reunion brought out all sorts of relatives - from the young, farmhand cousins to an OUT TV celebrity to some of the sisters and aunties that, as a rule, only come out at night. The heat of the day must have been getting to the girls here, but the gingham tablecloth outfit, with matching parasol, was particularly fetching.

All in all, the family seemed to be enjoying themselves. No doubt, we'll see many of them at the Fowl Supper later this year and, who knows, maybe back on the farm next year as well.

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