Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Hard Day at Work

After a busy week at work, it didn't take much of an arm twisting to step out onto the office balcony for a quick refreshment. The call was actually for a beer, but one of our local buds got caught up with a last minute client - and HE was the one supposed to bring along the beer.

There were only TWO beer in office fridge (Yeah, I hear you, "What kind of an office fridge is that?!") and there were three of us ready to call it a day at a quarter of five. I lost the coin flip. That meant I had to go on a bit of hunt and I found the following bottle hanging around. I'm not going to mention where I found the cache though since there are a few folks from work that actually read this blog once in awhile.

140. 2003 d'Arenberg The Stump Jump (McLaren Vale - Australia)

You can almost be counted on to remember d'Arenberg wines as much for their intriguing names as you do for the wine that's in the bottle. In fact, I remember the first time a Stump Jump wine was ever recommended (it was the red at Bin 941 many years ago).

As an entry level wine, The Stump Jump can always be counted on to please as an easy drinking and accessible bottle. The white blend changes from year to year and this vintage was a blend of Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Marsanne. Not eaxactly a blend you'd find in France where all these varietals are main stays in Alsace, the Loire and the Rhone, but it can't be seen as a surprise when we're talking Oz.

A cool wine on a hot day, out in the sun at the start of a long weekend. This is a glass of wine that I can handle.

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