Monday, August 10, 2015

Turning The Table in Manhattan

One of the perks of our hotel in NYC was a rooftop deck where martinis on our own or communal wine and sangria tastings offered a civilized passage to the evening, all while sipping and recounting the day's activities with the Empire State Building filling our immediate skyline.

No wine to add to The List with this post but I am pleased to add a Guest Alcohol:

Long Table Distillery London Dry Gin (British Columbia)

Boo and I are creatures of habit in that we always grab a bottle of Vodka and/or Gin before boarding a plane at YVR so that we have some ready cocktails when we reach our destination. We were quite surprised to see Long Table's Gin available as we readied for our flight to New York. Craft distillery wares aren't usual fare at the Vancouver Airport. This was quite a treat and I think it easily lived up to the pressure of meeting Manhattan cocktail standards.

Thing is, we were enjoying our martinis so much that we cut our timing close to make it to Broadway - especially since we were going to grab last-minute tickets. We opted for Hand to God - an irreverent puppet comedy that takes fundamental religion in small-town Texas to task. Naughtier than even Avenue Q's puppetry magic. We laughed long and loud.

If this was to be a naughty weekend in The Big Apple. This was Broadway at its naughtiest. And we loved it.

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