Monday, July 6, 2015

Platinum Bench

Having just added a Rosé to The List, why not go for another. After all, doesn't the phrase go "One good Rosé deserves another?"

Well, my literary acumen may be somewhat suspect but, if that phrase is off, how about addressing, "A Rosé is a Rosé is a Rosé."

Okay, agreed, Gertrude Stein didn't have the accent on her Rose. But, it's just as well because, nowadays, Rosé wines go all over the map - dead dry, fruity, delicate, robust. You name a preference, you can likely find it quite easily. One Rosé is definitely not guaranteed to be the same as the last one you tried. As was the case here.

1951.  2014 Platinum Bench Rosé (Okanagan Valley VQA)

Platinum Bench is still a relatively new find for me. The winery opened its doors in June 2012 but my first conscious recollection of them was last year during the Half Corked Half Marathon. While a good portion of the race followed the Black Sage Bench, the course didn't run by or through Platinum Bench itself. The winery did, however, have one of the water (cum wine) stations in the second half of the race. What stood out for me at their table was the specialty bread they served along with the wine. That bread hit the spot and definitely required a visit to the winery the next day.

And a repeat visit after this year's run at the end of May. This Merlot and Gamay Noir-based Rosé was one of the treats that came home with us.

Comparing the glass of Platinum Bench to the Poplar Grove Rosé from the other day, I think you could fairly say that the two wineries take a somewhat different approach to their Rosé production. The deeper hues in the Platinum Bench were supported by bolder fruit flavours and bigger body - not to mention it clocked in at 14.9% alcohol, rather a robust level for most BC Rosés.

And the beauty of producing Rosé is that neither winery is "right" in its approach. Both wines suited my palate just fine and were equally approachable.

I just wonder what Gertrude Stein would have said. Maybe she didn't drink Rosé.

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