Monday, June 15, 2015

Prosecco Perfection

It's been a fairly low-key weekend here in Whistler, BC's best-known entrant on the world ski scene. Miss Jaq had proposed an adventure on the zip-line but we opted for a somewhat more relaxing morning of sipping Prosecco on the balcony while basking in some early rays.

1936.  N.V. Giusti Asolo Prosecco Brut (Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG - Italy)

This was no throwaway, fluffy Prosecco though. No siree Bob. This was the second of the Giusti wines I had picked up at this year's Vancouver International Wine Festival and it rocked. I don't know if it was the choice location or the company or both but, as far as I was concerned, this was Prosecco perfection.

As I wrote in a fairly recent post about another bottle of Giusti and dinner with Elzee, the winery was a favourite discovery at the Wine Festival and we're absolutely eager to discover more about the winery and the folks behind it. It would seem that Guisti is making a favourable mark with others as well as I see the this DOCG Brut has been added to the wine list at the famed Harry's Bar in Rome. I think that being a listed wine at Harry's is kind of like making it in New York. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

No surprise but the bottle didn't last nearly long enough. So, as a final chapter to our Whistler weekend, Boo, Miss Jaq, Tanta Luce and I wandered over to the Farmers' Market that was just across the street from our hotel. I love wandering Farmers' Markets whenever I come across them and this was the first time that I'd been in Whistler while their's was happening.

One of the surprises of the market was that Samantha Rahn had a booth in play and she was selling some of the wine that she had available at the moment. Samantha is the sommelier at Araxi - one of the resort's most acclaimed restaurants - and she had been named Sommelier of the Year at the 2013 Vancouver Wine Festival.

It's quite the award for Samantha to take home because, not only do you receive all the acclaim, but you are also given the opportunity to make a vintage of a wine of your choice through the Okanagan Crush Pad. She chose to make Samantha Syrah but those 100 cases were long sold out. The effort clearly paid off though as she decided to continue her work with the folks at OCP. Her second wine was a Chardonnay and that's what we were able to pick up.

We didn't open the Samantha bottle right away though - despite the temptation. Boo and I, after all, had to negotiate the twisty Sea-to-Sky Highway on our return to Vancouver.

All the same, our little jaunt to the mountains was a welcome respite - with a good assortment of tasty treats. Now, I just have to wait until next year when, hopefully, I can pick up some more Giusti wines at the Wine Festival. Next year's feature region is Italy. So, I think it would be appropriate for Giusti to be front and centre.

I think I'll need some just in case Miss Jaq invites us up to Whistler again.

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