Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sweetie Loves His Tongue

Alright, it's a given that any relationship that is going to work is going to involve a healthy dose of give and take. I'm the first to admit that Boo gives a lot. So, I can't complain (too much) that one of my gives is the fact that he likes to serve tongue - and that's on the dinner plate as opposed to lashing out like a drag queen - at least once or twice a year.

Gotta admit that it's not exactly my favourite piece of beef, but you know...

Good thing is that tongue seems to go with an awful lot of reds - and that's something that I can easily deal with.

1883.  2010 Celler El Masroig - Solà Fred (Mont Sant D.O. - Spain)

I can't say that I knew that Mont Sant is a Denominacio d'Origen region in Spain. I grabbed this Carignan/Grenache blend because I needed a Spanish wine to compliment a present involving a Spanish guide book and a couple other Spanish items to provide a bit of a tempting view into a possible trip there. I've since learned that Mont Sant is in Catalunya and that, despite the label (presumably made for our Canadian market) talking about Carignan and Grenache, the grapes being grown there would likely be called Samsó and Garnacha. Garnacha, I would have known but Samsó?

I can't say that there's anything particular Spanish about Boo's preparation of the tongue but I figured the wine would be big enough to stand up to the textural meat. Indeed, the wine was more than enough to handle Boo's tongue lashing. Big with lots of fruit coming through as the wine doesn't see any oak.

I will admit though that the wine ran out before the tongue did. Good thing Boo is more than happy to worry about any leftovers. I'm only expected to savour the one meal.

It's no doubt a good thing that Boo brings out the tongue every so often. I rather suspect that, if we ever did make it to Spain, there'd likely be a few dishes served that are ultimately more exotic than tongue.

I can't wait.

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