Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Vintage Mirage in Those Desert Hills

1467.  2004 Desert Hills Mirage (VQA Okanagan Falls)

Desert Hills is one of the Black Sage Road wineries that we ran across when visiting Burrowing Owl years ago. I've got to admit that we haven't dropped in much in recent years though.  I still run across their wines regularly at various events but we just haven't had enough time to fit in stops to the tasting room at the winery. Indeed, I think this '04 vintage might be from our last visit - and that would make it some time ago.

Mirage is Desert Hills' entry in the Okanagan Meritage stakes. This vintage was a blend of four the five Bordeaux grapes - with Cab Sauv playing the dominant role at 48%.  Merlot was next at 30%, with Malbec and Cab Franc making up the balance. Mirage is generally big and full of fruit and this baby was no exception; however, this bottle wasn't an over the top, extracted wine - like I've found some of their vintages to be. The bottle's contents certainly seemed to vanish far more quickly than we would have liked.

Bravo (on the wine that is; not the speed at which it disappeared from our glasses). Too bad we don't have another bottle or two hanging around.

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