Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brady's Going Away Dinner

Major changes are in store for this year's curling team.  Three of our five members aren't going to be around this year.  Skipper is playing Snowbird in Palm Springs on the weekends - instead playing with us on the ice. The Kimmer is Alberta bound and Brady is turning all français on us and moving to Montréal.  We had just enough time for the old team to get together for one last time before Brady loaded up the car for that long drive East.

1242.  2011 Paul Mas - Single Vineyard Collection Malbec (Pays d'Oc AOC - France)

Seeing as how it was also International Chocolate Day, there had to be a little indulgence on the dessert side of things as well.  We barely touched that bottle of Port though - so, no new number for The List.

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