Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catching Up

Boo's birthday had come about during the week and, due to his schedule at work, we didn't get the best of chances to celebrate. I therefore thought that, after the fact, we could celebrate with one of the bottles that his brother had sent up from the States. Not being a wine drinker himself, Boo's bro was quick to wonder why we'd even want any wines from the South sent up here. I think the phrase went something like, "This ain't no California you know."

He knows that Boo has a thing for Scuppernong though and this is the second of those wines that he exported our way.

835. N.V. Hinnant Family Vineyards Scuppernong (North Carolina - USA)

As mentioned, this is the second bottle of Scuppernong wine that I'm adding to The List. We opened another bottle back at Christmas, at #669 on The List. I went into the history of the Scuppernong grape and its prominence in the Carolinas at that time. So, I won't just repeat myself all over again here.

The Hinnant family appears to have started out growing Scuppernong and other table grapes for market sale - much like the other Scuppernong producer we tried, Duplin. Starting in 2003, however, the Hinnants opened the doors of their new winery. They now produce around a dozen wines - from both fruit and grapes - but the majority of the wines are produced from Muscadine grapes - of which the Scuppernong is one.

The wine is sweet and made to accompany dessert. I wouldn't say that it's as sophisticated as an icewine or a botrytis-infected wine though. It lacks that accompanying acidity to associate it with those sweet wines, but it's pleasant enough to finish dinner off with.

The Hinnant website says that, with their Scuppernong, you can "Taste the southern memories of sitting under the vines with every sip." Maybe that's what Boo likes so much about it. It reminds him of growing up in the South. Rather appropriate, I think, for a birthday toast and sip.

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