Saturday, April 16, 2011

Canucks Take The Elusive Game 2 Win

For the past two years, the Canucks have started off their Round 2 playoff series with the Blackhawks with a win. They hadn't been able to follow it up with a second straight victory though.

Until tonight because that was then and this is now!! It was a fantastic Friday and a great start to the weekend. I went around and knocked on a couple of the neighbours' doors to see if they wanted to come over and watch the game with us. Not only was it a way to add an extra dimension of excitement to the game, it was an opportunity to open a couple different Red Rooster wines to set the mood.

770. 2008 Red Rooster Merlot (VQA Okanagan Valley)

771. 2008 Red Rooster Syrah (VQA Okanagan Valley)

772. 2009 Red Rooster Pinot Blanc (VQA Okanagan Valley)

This trio of wines actually shows some of the different approaches that the winery has adopted. One of the solid reasons our hopes for a long playoff run by the Canucks is that the team is balanced and deep in talent. The team's diversity is being touted as one of its strongest attributes this year. Likewise with Red Rooster methinks. Under the guidance of winemaker, Karen Gillis, the wines are gaining more depth with successive vintages and they offer a portfolio that looks to cover all tastes.

The Merlot we opened is very approachable in both its profile and its cost - being under $20, it's more affordable than most red BC wines. It's not on the same level as Red Rooster's Reserve Merlot, but then every hockey team needs a second, third and fourth line. The Syrah is more on the reserve end of Red Rooster's portfolio, seeing both new French and American oak for aging. It's also limited in availability but, at $30, it still sports a lower price tag than most BC Syrah.

The Pinot Blanc is also a great team player at $17. A small portion (15%) of the wine sees some oak aging as well and that six months of aging on its lees (or the dead yeast cells that result from changing of the sugars into alcohol) help to flesh out the wine's body and to add a slightly creamy profile. With lots of tree fruit and balanced acidity, the visiting hockey fans were pleasantly surprised when told that it was a Pinot Blanc.

It seemed like we were working on the theory that a bottle was being opened with each Canuck goal, but even with the gang over, we didn't hit a fourth bottle when our boys scored their fourth (and the winning goal). With the Shameless Hussy celebrating goals with martinis and Marquis and Red having to ultimately behave because they had dinner plans for their anniversary, the triple tasting worked out just fine.

To keep with the sports metaphors, it was a solid team effort by the three wines tonight and, with the Canucks winning that second game, there was certainly reason to toast the team over and again.

Being up two games to nil, I'm liking this match up of Red Rooster and the Canucks.

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