Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm Still Here. Honestly.

A couple of regular readers - yes, I guess there are at least one or two - have asked why I haven't posted anything since Wine Blogging Wednesday 70. Indeed, the wording was more like, "What, are you on the wagon? I'm tired of seeing nothing recent; why don't you get your act in gear and post something?" Well, actually, I have been posting away. It's just that all the entries had been started before my toast to WBW70 and, accordingly, they show up with an earlier "publishing date."

I just felt it was more important to participate in Wine Blogging Wednesday than it was to wait until I caught up with everything.

As a result, it means that, until I get around to posting a post-Feb. 16 wine, (and I still have about another 25-30 wines to go), you have to scroll down past WBW70 and its Spanish tribute.

If it's any consolation, I think WBW70 turned out to be a triumphant re-appearance of an old friend. 45 bloggers participated - from 11 different countries - and 62 wines were tasted and reported on. I highly recommend anyone, who is interested in Spanish wines, check out the fine recap prepared by the host blog, Catavino, and the various postings for the participating bloggers.

My next problem, of course, is going to be that a call has been put out for WBW71 and it's a neat topic as well: Rhone Varietals, But Not From the Rhone. I better do some serious catching up or no one will ever thinking I'm posting anything new.

Best get to it, I guess. Later...

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